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There are a very few luxury lifestyles that can compare to the yachting lifestyle. The combination of lavish elegance, sophisticated technology and privacy has made yachting today the ultimate form of indulgence for those seeking the finer things in life.

Jasmine Club

Yacht Management Dubai

Jasmine Club exists to enable members to effortlessly own and enjoy a selection of the world’s most coveted yachts in some of the most desirable cruising waters. Our club members are shareholders, who come together to experience the thrill, pride and lifestyle of purchasing a magnificent fleet of yachts at maximum ease without the responsibilities and obligations that come with owning and managing them.

Jasmine Club takes the hassle out of luxury yachting by handling every little detail of professional yacht management combined with a wide range of tier one services to make sure you enjoy every moment of your dedicated leisure time. Unlike timeshare or chartering models where you only pay to use a yacht, we offer members a smart innovative solution to acquiring more than one yacht, by becoming an integral shareholder in a club that owns and operates the cost of purchasing and running a fleet of luxury yachts that will continue to expand and grow as its shareholders increase and demand ensues.

Yacht Management Services

In a further effort to capitalize on your investments and effectively manage the club’s assets by generating revenue, we also arrange for unused weeks to be made available for charter. Chartering vacant time helps contribute towards club’s management and maintenance costs by decreasing club member’s annual fee.

Our fleets will be berthed in Dubai Marina, the world’s fastest growing and largest manmade marina (3.5km) that has today positioned itself as an international hub for some of the world’s most luxurious yachts, in addition to hosting renowned high-profile yachting events that take place annually. The marina is also conveniently located in the center of Dubai’s most lively and chic area awash with 5 star restaurants and entertainment venues. Club members will also enjoy exclusive access to events, F&B rates with our affiliate partners in Dubai.

How it Works

Club membership offers independence and flexibility in usage in addition to a long list of unmatched all-around services and benefits. You can join the club by purchasing one or more shares in addition to paying a fixed annual fee that contributes towards all the operational expenses of managing your yacht. There are no limits as to how many shares each member may purchase or the type of yacht member’s use.

Club membership guarantees availability of yachts through a straight-forward booking service. Purchasing more than one share automatically entitles members to high priority booking and increases yacht usage period per year.

Yacht Club Dubai

Yacht Management

Why Join?

  • Have you been yearning for that dreamboat but don't want to deal with all the maintenance and obligations associated with it?

  • Have you been yachting for years but found that taking your yacht out for a cruise only 3 weeks out of the year is just not worth the heavy overhead?

Most seasoned single yacht owners know that it costs a small fortune to own a yacht, let alone to sustain the per annum inflating overhead expenses it entails, from acquisition, taxes, increasing port fees, insurance, maintenance and upkeep, transportation, mooring, legal and operational paperwork fees just to name a few. Our approach is aimed at providing current yacht owners and those in the market for yacht a cost-effective and stress-free ownership structure.

Becoming a member of Jasmine Club allows you to experience these magnificent assets at a fraction of the price. By sharing the cost of purchasing and maintaining your yachts with other club members you get to save a considerable amount of money without having to sacrifice any of your personal wishes. Our membership program will also allow the club to continuously expand its fleet to allow for members to experience the most luxurious and refined yachts on the market.

The Fleet

When looking to purchase a yacht, most experienced buyers seek three paramount factors:
Aesthetics, Technology and Sustainability. Very few yacht builders in the world have managed to score this rare combination but Azimut Yachts has today managed to establish itself as a leading luxury yacht name in this highly competitive industry.

The name Azimut has become synonymous with design, luxury and speed, with its renowned reputation as the Italian elite yacht manufacturer and a flair for quality and beauty. Azimuts are known for their modernist designs and cutting-edge technology making them some of the most demanded and coveted luxury yachts in the world.

Our Club’s repertoire will boast an extraordinary handpicked fleet of Azimut Yachts at the disposal of our members. Each unique Azimut yacht model will be customized to respond to the most discerning requirements of the club with the aim of allowing our members to experience these magnificent cruisers in all their glory.

Yacht Management Services


Yacht Club Dubai

Have you ever dreamt of sailing your own yacht around the tranquil waters of Marmaris, cruising under the star-studded skies of Marbella, basking in the pristine Capri waters and enjoying a Southern French sunset all with your yacht in tow? The financial and operational costs and paperwork of transporting yachts and crews from one location to the next are substantial and as a result most yacht owners end up cruising the same familiar route year after year.

At Jasmine Club we understand that time can be of the essence and feel strongly about helping you make the most out of your luxury assets no matter where you are. We turn constraints into opportunities by making all the arrangements necessary to ensure our club members are taking full advantage of their investments.
Our convenient transportation and flexible scheduled usage plans will arrange for your fully crewed yachts to await you at some of the world’s most prestigious destinations for yachters, taking care your entire trip’s itinerary, all while helping you save a significant amount of money. Your yachts will also be available in Dubai all year round for your leisure.

Membership Services & Benefits

The hassles associated with individual yacht ownership are countless, from maintenance to servicing, so we’ve come up with a membership package that’s refreshingly simple, cost-effective and practical to make your experience as carefree and fun as it is meant to be.
For an annual fee, club members will receive an extensive range of exclusive services and benefits.

Yacht Management Dubai
Yacht Management
Yacht club Dubai

How to Become a Member

We understand the importance of peace of mind that comes with making well-thought financial decisions and safe investments, therefore, we do not consider membership as simply an acquisition, rather, becoming a member is a lifestyle choice, an entry into a club of likeminded successful community of people individuals who share a deep connection with yachting, understand the economic benefits that come with this unique ownership structure and want to acquire and enjoy some of the finest luxury yachts in the world.

Before you join we offer you the opportunity to take in the full Club Jasmine experience and get acquainted with our club by offering you a test cruise on board our Azimut Atlantis 50 Open from our base in Dubai.

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